Before registering for a class, it is best to LOGIN and choose the name of the person you wish enroll in a class.

If you wish for telephone assistance, please contact the Sheboygan YMCA at 451-8004x109, Member Services will return your call weekdays, between 9am and 6pm.


1 Search for a Program

  • The easiest way to search for your class is using the box titled DESCRIPTION. Enter the first few digits of a key word in the title, for example for a Polliwog swim class, enter "pol" and you will see a list of all open Polliwog classes. Below are some other key words, ONLY enter the first 3 or 4 letters for the most complete list.

·         Adult, Aquatic, Volleyball, etc.

·         Aquatics, Arthritis, Perch, Shark, etc.

·         Dance, Ballet, Tap, Party, etc.

·         Fitness, Yoga, Spinning, etc.

·         Lifestyle, WOW, Teen Strength, etc.

·         Gymnastics, Level 1, Family Movement, etc.

·         Youth, Basketball, Mighty Mite, etc.


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Another way to get quickly to the class is enter a combination of the BRANCH+DEPARTMENT code+class abbreviation.
For example a Polliwog Class in Sheboygan would be listed as 1SPOLL. Below is a key for YMCA Branches and Departments.

    BRANCH: Sheboygan = 1, Sheboygan Falls = 2, Camp =3
      A=Adult Programs (except fitness), C=Camp Y-Koda programs, D=Dance, F=Fitness (including Aquatic), G=Gymnastics, S=Swim, Y= all other Youth Programs like Girls Night Out and Boys Night Out,


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3 Login to Register for a Program


Once you click on the orange button register your login screen will appear.

First Time Visitor Login:

To login for the first time, CLICK CANCEL on the first screen and then click on the ADD A MEMBER Button to left of the screen, you will need to enter your name, your email address and you will need to create a password.  IF YOU ARE ALREADY A YMCA MEMBER OR PARTICIPANT & WE HAVE YOUR EMAIL. Use the password you choose or your password is automatically set to your first initial of your first name + first initial of your last name + date of birth.  Example John Doe born 02/01/1968:JD020168.

Return Visitor Login:

Enter email address and password. 

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4 Submit Payment Information


Once you have selected the program(s) you want, you must enter your credit card information.


  • You must first enter your credit card information, exactly as it appears on your credit card and choose whether you want the credit card information saved “only” for this session.  We do not save your credit card information with cookies or any other means after you log off.  Click on Continue.  If you are registering for a Youth or Program Member-Participant under 18, it should default to the name of a parent…if it doesn’t you must enter in the parents name that is on the credit card.


  • You will now see the cost of the program and your credit card info…if you CLICK:

·         “ADD TO CART” it will total the programs and allow you to “continue” adding on more programs

·         REGISTER: it will complete the registration process

·         ROSTERS: it will display your registration history is so far

·         DELETE: it will delete the program you just registered for

·         BACK or LOGOFF it will stop registration completely.


·     If you choose Add to Cart and then continue you can Back up and choose another member on your membership to register…so register the whole family in one shopping trip…you will not have to login or enter your credit card information more than once a trip.

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5 Submit Registration


Once you are sure that you want to register for all the programs selected:


·     Click on REGISTER, you will complete the registration process and receive a confirmation on your screen for printing and you can choose to have it emailed to you for future reference.  Your credit card will be charged the Total that appears on the confirmation receipt.

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6 Additional Notes & Refund Policy


·     Your registration will immediately update to our database at the Front Desk computers and be logged for the day…if you need to make any changes after you have confirmed your registration you will have to contact the Front Desk at your local branch to make the changes for you. PLEASE NOTE: SHEBOYGAN COUNTY YMCA CLASS REGISTRATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN ON THIS WEB SITE.


·     If you have a balance due on a program account or camp registration you will be able to make that payment online by choosing ‘rosters’ which will show any outstanding amounts due to the YMCA.

If you have any specific questions about a particular program or class, call  the branch where the program will take place Sheboygan 920-451-8000 or Sheboygan Falls 920-467-2464, while you are in registration mode, call Member Services or front desk staff and they will be able to answer your registration questions.

If you have a question about your login, password or the actual registration procedure you may Email:  and your question will be responded to within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Or call 451-8004 x109, Member Services Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.